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We are what we are today due to the grace of God and, pertinently because of the education, culture and values that were imbibed on us by our parents and teachers. But, a majority of the population in this country is deprived of good education. The Indian education system is faced with lot of issues such as lack of proper infrastructure, high dropout ratio, limited use of technology, high student -teacher ratio etc. In spite of all this, our Indian Education system is appreciable and improving by the day.

Efforts taken by our state government alone will not be sufficient to fight this battle of empowering children from all sectors of the society. Educated citizens from all parts of the country must consider it as their responsibility for giving back to the society what the society has given us, by participating in improving the quality of education.

Here at Mindscape we believe in working hand in hand with the government, schools, parents, teachers and other sections to bring about the Educational Reforms in the society.


Sajini Varghese
Centre Director

During my school and college days, in the 80’s and 90’s, the only criteria to choose a career was based on our academic performance. Like myself, most of us must have pondered over the fact whether marks actually help us to choose the right group after our 10th grade and is it an indicator of our professional success or failure?

Then in later years during my professional voyage as a counselor in different educational institutions and working in the HR –helped me to interact with students, parents, job applicants, people from different levels of management. These interactions made me realize that our education alone is not enough to, make the right career choice nor does it guarantee a successful professional life. The need for a deeper understanding or knowledge of our abilities, our talents and our career inclination is required even before we choose our career. So that these abilities can be utilized in our chosen profession, thereby, helping us to go up the professional ladder smoothly and successfully. On discussion with the St. Mary’s Group, I found out their thoughts were in sync with mine, that the students must have knowledge and understanding of their inborn abilities that is, those Aptitudes, that are necessary to choose their career and to perform well in their chosen profession. And thus the spark in my eyes grew wings and eventually Mindscape took shape in the year 2001.

Mindscape and the man who made it possible


Dr. P.T. Abraham

Dr. P.T. Abraham was an Educationalist, Social worker and a Sportsman and most importantly he was a visionary. Through sheer hard work the seeds of St.Mary’s school were sowed back in 1974, he established the first CBSE School in Central Travancore known as St.Mary’s Residential Public School at Thiruvalla, Kerala. Having understood the importance of education, he set up six schools over the length and breadth of Kerala in Thiruvalla, Trivandrum, Kollam, Pathanapuram and Kayamkulam, passing on the importance of education to future generations, through mere innate talent, sacrifice and dedication particularly towards education and the society. He was the mastermind behind the formation of St.Marys Educational and Cultural Society.


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