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The journey from a happy go lucky childhood to an adult can be a bumpy road and the most challenging time of our life, that requires a lot of support, especially with our daily stressors such as our job, children, home or marriage leave us with little or no time to focus on our problem or even our self. This leaves us feeling depressed, anxious, stressed and confused about our current life situation At some juncture of our lives, all of us suffer stages of stress, sorrow, and  discord. It can be hard to accept, ‘the need for help’. At times the signs are visible, other times we may feel a little off but, can’t understand why. So we push ourselves into a busy life to avoid thinking about it, until life becomes unmanageable.

Some sure signs to see a counsellor
  • ADOLESCENTS lacking self-confidence, finding themselves at odds with their parents, teachers and peers, not being understood by anyone.
  • Face learning difficulties and disabilities, feeling disliked by others, not knowing what they want and where they belong, feeling rejected by the society or feeling alienated. Falling into bad company and gaining inappropriate habits, losing their will to live.
  • Teenagers often find their independence by making friends and widening their social circle. As they begin to carve out an identity, they become more susceptible to their friend’s influences. In general this is a healthy process that enables the teenager to find a niche outside of the family environment. But occasionally peer pressure and growing up is characterized by new experiences. Obviously this varies on the individual, but it is a time when young people find new friends, peer pressure comes truly into play and young people may first be exposed to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. With all this temptation comes responsibility and it is the combination of the two which may cause anxiety and turbulence when going through puberty
Challenges and concerns

Our outward appearance may show us as happy and stable, but, in reality we may have hit a road block. We need to identify the causes of stress, the barriers that are stopping you from functioning normally, an insight of your weakness and your potential that are needed for your individual growth and development. Before it reaches the point, that brings our life to a complete stop


Mindscape’s Individual counseling sessions is a one-on-one with the psychologist– in a supportive and confidential environment to resolve problems, such as anger anxiety, school difficulties, career changes, explore feelings, behaviors,  beliefs, identify those aspects of our life that we would like to change, better understanding of our strength and weakness of ourselves and others which will help to set up our personal goals..

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