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What is Mindscape ?

Mindscape is a forum of professionals committed to changing the way students and professionals choose their career using easy but scientific tools.

How Mindscape will help ?

Mindscape uses 3 simple assessments and a Guidance session to align the
Aptitude, Personality and Interests and suggests the best suited courses or careers for a dream run of success.

Why take the assessment ?

Because often we are blind to our inborn abilities, the 3 mindscade assessments are as below:

1. Aptitude assessment – Individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and are naturally inclined towards success or failure in certain areas based on their innate characteristics. This assessment clarifies a person’s inborn talents/abilities.

"An aptitude assessment does not test your knowledge; you cannot prepare for it."

2. The Big 5 measures a person’s most important personality characteristics such as their motivations, preferences, emotional make up and style of interacting with both people and situations and which roles / careers are suited for them.

"Understanding your personality will help you understand why you act the way you do."

3. Raisec assessment helps you discover your career interests and preferences and match it with work environments that suit you.;

Therefore, Mindscape Compass which covers all of the above is an invaluable tool for making career and education decisions –and your success is easy.

The Mindscape Compass Assessment will not tell you ‘what to do’, but what careers and courses match your aptitude, personality and interest.


Take the Assessment - find your "Aha moment !"

Find the career best suited for your/your child’s inborn aptitude, personality and interests

Take the Assessment - find your "Aha moment!”

Find the career best suited for your/your child’s inborn aptitude, personality and interests

Who can take the Compass Assessment (14 yrs onwards)

What subject do I choose?

I’m good at 2 or more streams – what to pick?

Pursue my strength or my interest?

What should I specialise in?

IT or Mechanical Engineering?

Research/PG or work?

Why am I stressed/uninterested?

Should I make that job change?

Am I in the right career?

Compass Assessment process (60 mins once you are ready)

Aptitude is a person’s talent / ability / potential in a particular skill or to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge or training

When you use Compass Assessment, you will go through the steps below:

Online / Offline tests (Multiple choice tests) – 48 mins, Personality Test – 6 mins and Interest Test – 6 mins. Total Test time – 60 mins.

Score, analyse, and interpret the tests to determine your best career (result within 1-3 days)

A detailed report based on your aptitude (inborn ability), personality and interest is generated with Potential Careers and Courses that best fit you.

A one-to-one guidance session with a trained Psychologist, to discuss your test results and to choose your dream career – 10-30 mins

The counseling and guidance sessions will be conducted in the presence of a parent for children. In the case of online assessment, a Skype/Google meet Counselling is advised.

*The psychometric assessments used at Mindscape are based on DBDA – these are standardised, reliable and validated tests used for career guidance and career counselling all over the world.

*The psychometric assessments used at Mindscape are based on DBDA – these are standardised, reliable and validated tests used for career guidance and career counseling all over the world.

What you get

On completion of the 60 min Assessment and counselling you will have the following to your advantage:

  • Clarity to choose the right career / course scientifically
  • Find the genius in You and play to your advantage
  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Knowledge of your in-born abilities, personality and interests
  • High chance to Be successful and happy at work.

*The psychometric assessments used at Mindscape are based on DBDA – these are standardised, reliable and validated tests used for career guidance and career counseling all over the world


"A superb place for testing the aptitudes of your children so that we know what they should learn after their 10th and 12th boards and what career they should choose, which will benefit them immensely for their future. It will also guide them to their preferred area so that they are able to succeed in their chosen path."
Advocate Gopi Krishnan (Parent of Class X Student)


"Mindscape is a great place which tests your aptitude. It helped me figure out my strengths and what I'm good at so I could focus on them and move forward with my career. Definitely recommend."
Rebecca Fenn (Class 12 student)


"The need for a deeper understanding or knowledge of our abilities, our talents and our career inclination is required even before we choose our career. So that these abilities can be utilized in our chosen profession, thereby, helping us to go up the professional ladder smoothly and successfully."
Sajini Varghese (Life Skills Coach)


60 minutes for 8 areas of Aptitude test and Interest and Personality tests put together. Prep time for tests may vary based on availability of a printer etc. at the candidates end. Tests need to be taken at a stretch.

Mindscape Compass test is affordable at Rs. 3500 for the test, reports and the guidance consultation along with parents.

Yes, almost immediately. Once the payment is made , there is a 15 to 20 min time period required for the admin staff to set up the test and explain the rules to you.

Aptitude test is available only offline and you have to visit the Mindscape centre for it.

  1. Good internet connection and your Google Meet of Skype login.
  2. Mobile with camera and Whatsapp.

Once you start, you have to complete the Aptitude test in 48 minutes at one stretch. Or else the test will be considered invalid. The Personality and Interests tests also need to be completed within the allotted time of 6 mins each once it is started.

Within 1-3 day of taking the test your child's result will be ready. A guidance or counselling session to be scheduled within 1 day will be most useful in the result being explained and utilised correctly.

Yes, though the team has limited time to deal with everyone, a 15-30 minute interactive session with the psychologist discussing your results will clarify the best options for you / your child. We highly recommend this for a complete experience.

Yes, DBDA tests are accepted and used all over the world in psychometric testing and Aptitude evaluation.

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