Whether you are minutes or miles away and wish to access counseling via internet/phone, you can always opt for an online/phone counseling which is a relatively new concept here and many may not have even thought of it as we all think face to face counseling is the right way and the only way to get professional help. But with changing times and with the picking up pace of the fast-track life style, we want a quick fix solution to all our problems. Technology like skype allows us the opportunities to have counseling from almost anywhere around the globe. Thus, making online/phone counseling a great way to get professional help and can be invaluable to people who are disabled and homebound allowing them access to counseling without the need to travel or without being physically present. It is also a wonderful option and boon for homemakers who cannot find time away from kids and responsibilities of home, as unlike, face-to-face counseling the client does not have to take off to keep up an appointment. Appointments can be fixed at your own convenience. This also means forever goodbyes to long hours spent in waiting rooms flipping pages of boring magazines.

Another advantage is, when you interact with a counselor online, you do not have to disclose who you are, nobody has to know that you’re visiting a psychologist/counselor nor will there be any chances of running into anyone in the waiting room and being in the comfort and privacy of your own home makes you more open and comfortable towards the process and more regular with appointments. Psychological counseling can be sought for everyday problems as well and you can get the best help right at home. Online/phone psychological counseling plays the perfect host, and, the positive aspect of online counseling – is Anonymity

Issues that can be helped via Online/Phone/F2F counseling can be -any kind of personal issues.