Children are very sensitive. They must be listened to and treated very carefully especially during the development of forming impressions and schemas of how the world is. Today children face several stresses in the forms of school, family issues, peer pressure, adjustment issues learning difficulties etc. We must remember that they are not young adults. They may not yet have the vocabulary adequately to describe their experiences, or they may be too upset or hesitant to do so. It is very important to address these stresses in order to prevent the formation of long lasting emotional and behavioral difficulties. Child counseling provides your little ones with an environment where they can explore and express their difficulties, understand and overcome them.


      Very often children are the reason their parents become stressed. It is common for children when faced with new situations, demands and expectations, to experience occasional problems as they mature. Sometimes children may act out with inappropriate behaviors, seem anxious or withdrawn, express feelings of sadness, fear or anger for what seems to adults, like no reason at all. The birth of a sibling, difficulties at school or daycare, the death of a grandparent, moving to a new home, accidents are all examples of stressful events that can cause turmoil in your child’s life, often, resulting in behavioral problems. Children having emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, attention deficits, hyper activity, bullying, nail biting, bed wetting etc. are also some of the reasons for worry and anxiety amongst parents for worry and anxiety amongst parents.

    Is Your Child often:

    As a parent, are you often :

    These are common areas of concerns where we can help and guide parents on how to manage their own emotions and stress and how to alter their behavior and apply strategies to help their kids in their issues as well.


    As a parent, we want to do what is best for our child, but you may not know what to do or may be using ineffective or unhealthy parenting skills without even knowing it. The good news is that something can be done to help both you and your child overcome problems and gain relief. Being able to talk to someone other than a parent can sometimes be very helpful to children. If you are having doubts whether or not your child may need help, have your child evaluated by a professional. Especially if your child’s behaviors are interfering with his or her daily life. Sometimes just a short-term intervention may be necessary to bring a change in your child’s behavior and it can put your mind at ease as well.

    Expression of Feelings

    Learning to express one’s feelings in a healthy way is an important aspect of growing up. Here we help children in expressing their needs, worries and anxieties and relating to people around them.

    Identifying the Source of Behavior

    Many times children are not equipped with enough resources to deal with stress. Emotional pile ups can take the form of behavioral problems. Identifying the source of the problem behavior and understanding their emotional needs helps in remedying behavioral difficulties.



    Enhancing Behavior

    Modifying the behavior patterns, enhancing self esteem and learning social skills helps the child to deal better with his environment. Periodic session with parents help them gain more perspective about the child and improve their interaction to strengthen the bond with the child.


    By the end of the sessions the parents will be better equipped to deal with their own negative emotions and thoughts. Use more effective behavior, communication styles and techniques towards their children to help them grow and develop in a more fulfilling manner.

    Through parent counselling you and your child can experience the following benefits:

    • Your child can find release from tormenting feelings or painful memories and learn to confidently express his/her feeling.
    • Reinforce the familial bond with your child
    • Reduce stress in family communication and interactions
Don’t put of seeking help. If unsure of the mode (Online/Phone/F2F) of counseling for your particular condition, the best way to decide is to do an initial phone consultation. Call 0471 2339483