When one becomes a parent, they become the child’s role model and their first teacher. Children always look up to us for guidance. Our family is often our biggest strength and our strongest support system. When a family is happy, everything seems right in their world. But not all families can be stable, healthy and happy all the time.

Often the stress of modern life, the need for better work life balance, a family crisis, health challenges for a family member – any such reasons can create distress, disharmony and bring the family to its knee. This environment will be distressing, damaging and at times even destructive for all family members, especially the children.

As there is no training before one become a parent on how to handle such situations, parents get into the role of bringing in their own past experiences to solve the issue which will not only affect their role as a parent but also suffer from anxiety, frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed.


    If your family is experiencing or showing any of the following symptoms, engaging the services of a professional family counselor would be helpful.

    A Family member having difficulty to function in their normal capacity. Things which were earlier done as fun is now no longer carried out and you don’t like or understand this sudden lack of interest or the new areas of interest.


    A Family member showing extreme emotional reactions such as excessive anger outbursts, fear, sadness or anxiety and you find this behavior difficult to understand and feel totally helpless.


    A noticeable breakdown in communication between family members, harder to communicate than usual, getting the “silent treatment” or members withdrawing from the usual family activities.


    A family member posing threat to oneself or the other members of the family, one of the children showing behavioral changes at home or an alarming fall in the grades at school,  attendance problems or disruptive behavior at school, or needing  assistance with child’s  academic issues.

    A family member showing feelings of helplessness or hopelessness. As a parent you feel you have reached the end of your rope. Is coping with all these stressors just too much to bear?!



    The family has had a traumatic experience such as a death in the family, a divorce or separation and members are having a hard time coping or having difficulty adjusting to the new reality.


    Family members having substance abuse problems with alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating disorders or social media addiction and so on.

    Our family, may by all outward appearances, look happy and stable, but has seen its share of difficulties and crises. We as a family may also have our own strategy or ways to handle many of these problems. But the world around is so fast paced and hectic, many families don’t have the time to deal with these issues and so even the best families can feel a need for assistance beyond the family.  Initially it may feel like admitting defeat or failure, but in reality deciding family counselling is right for the family is a big decision and a big step forward. By learning new ways to communicate, to work through problems, to respect and relate to one another. We are only making our family get closer.

    The common areas of concerns that can be helped via Online/Phone/F2F are:

    * Anger Management

    * Stress / Exam Stress

    * Academic Performance Issues

    * Body image and worries about Appearances

    * Bullying Issues

    * Anxiety Issues

    * Depression

    * Relationship difficulties

    * Loneliness and Homesickness

    * Low Self esteem and self confidence

    * Peer Pressure

    * Coping with transitions.

    We can assist parents in emotion management, stress management and learning new strategies to help their children in their issues as well. So don’t put off seeking help as the longer you wait, the worse the behaviors can get.



    Family counseling is a type of psychological counseling that focuses on family members who are facing family discord. It improves communication and helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts with effective tips and techniques provided by psychologist, that can promote families to get along better.

    Many a times family counseling is not considered when problems arise, thinking it’s better to “keep it in the family. If this approach is practiced then small problems may turn into big ones as time passes. Whatever the exact issue a family is facing, family counseling will help the parents to understand why children do things they do, common mistakes that parents make, get a deeper understanding of themselves, develop alternatives, provide them the best ways to communicate with their children through effective parenting techniques, hence, providing all family members a voice in the process.


    Mindscape, through Phone and One-to-One mode family counseling, focuses on the members of a family, using individual or joint sessions depending on the specific concern. Mindscape assists the family by:



    Conflicts in the family are very distressing and many a times, we are unable to truly understand why these conflicts occur. It is difficult to get complete insight or an understanding into what is actually causing these issues repeatedly within the family. Reasons could be many, ranging from negative life experiences, emotional hurt, unhealthy thought patterns and negative ways of communication. Our trained psychologists assists the individual family members see the situation more objectively and identify what factors are causing these troubled relationships within the family.





    Understanding the root of conflict opens up different avenues to repair the relationships. However angry or hurt we may be at our family members, deep down we all crave for peaceful, affectionate and a loving family environment. Through family counseling, we help family members understand each other as well as oneself better, to become aware of your and your family member’s priorities towards money, career, parenting, family, friends etc; understand your patterns of communication and through dialogue express your doubts, resentments openly and cast out unresolved issues  which leads to more effective ways of addressing problems. During the sessions the concept of individuality as well as building family identity and strategies for conflict resolution are dealt with.  This requires a readiness to work through one’s long-standing negative thought and behavior patterns from each family member.



    Family peace once created, we help you to find ways to maintain it, and so relationships are further strengthened within the family. Individuals are helped to function in a way which is positive and beneficial and agreeable for every member of the family. Family counseling leads to individual growth and development of different members of the family, hence, maintaining a positive family environment in the long run.




    Every family goes through difficult times, and if these problems are handled at the right time and the right way it can prevent a crisis. Making time to consult a family psychologist will ensure each concern is addressed in the right manner. 




    The aim of family counselling is to help family members:

    Improve communication within the family:  One of the most common problems within a family is that they find it very difficult at being open to each other which tend to create distance and disconnection between members which in the later stages leads to much bigger problems. The family counselor analysis as a whole, the process of family interaction and the difficulties in communication with each other without taking sides and  with counselling they understand their roles in the family, learn how to listen and better communicate the needs and wants, improving communication and understanding of the family situation. In the case of a family member suffering from a disability/difficulty such as anxiety, mood swings, anger issues which handicaps the family and their social functioning, all members would be going    through their own ways of handling this special family situation which can easily break

    the family unity. But, a counselling session for all members can help to break any communication barrier, enable them to understand each other positively without creating conflict and create a better functioning home environment.


    Enhance relationships and strengthen family bonds: Sibling Rivalry-Most homes many a times siblings have their personal conflicts, may develop jealousy on one another, and could be fighting for attention among many other things. Depending on the nature of the fights, if they go unresolved or continues for a long periods of time it can have a serious negative effect on the whole family. Parents can easily fail to notice or understand or not give any importance to these conflicts, hence, raising their children with unresolved feelings. Nevertheless, seeing a family counselor could help you understand your children much better, help siblings recognize and deal with rivalries that may exist once the cause is identified, settle their differences, express their feelings and bring them together.


    Individual growth and development of the family members:Being relaxed and at peace are the two most important factors for our mental and physical health. This happens only when everyone understands each other and is willing to work as a single unit. But, most people run away by turning to their gadgets, televisions and smart phones, when stressed or facing a problem. This in turn only makes other members of the family concerned and maybe stressed.  Family counselling facilitates to understand your spouse and children identify problems and know how to cope and face problems head on without turning a blind eye which will in turn bring about a healthy and happy environment at home. Every family deals with issues and problems, and if none of the family members knows how to handle them, it can get out of control and destructive. As mentioned earlier, family counselling will equip you to deal with certain problems without distressing the family. Together you will develop new ways to help each other which will bring about a closer relationship and life enhancement rather than just problem fixing.


    Builds self-esteem among the family members:Healthy self-esteem is needed to cope with the challenges that come our way. Without self-esteem, people tend to get vulnerable to pressures from friends, society as well interpersonal relationships. If parents lack motivation or have low self esteem, chances of their children suffering from the same will be more.  A family counselor can help both the parents and children to understand each other and not get crushed with the expectations of society but feel better about themselves.

Don’t put of seeking help. If unsure of the mode (Online/Phone/F2F) of counseling for your particular condition, the best way to decide is to do an initial phone consultation. Call 0471 2339483